Budapest pricelist


20 minutes

20.000 HUF


Control (20 minutes with the same complaint within 3 months)

15.000 HUF

birthmark screening

20 minutes

20.000 HUF

Digital birthmark screening

30 minutes

30 000 HUF


(a series of treatments might be preceeded by a 15 minutes consultation, the fee of which is deducted from the first treatment.)

10.000 HUF


We charge a higher price on aesthetically highlighted areas.

Surgical birthmark removal with wound supervision and suture extraction

from 35.000 HUF

Surgical removal of cysts with wound supervision and suture extraction

from 45.000 HUF

Surgical removal of skin cancer with wound supervision and suture extraction

from 50.000 HUF

Birthmark removal by laser

from 25.000 HUF

Removal of fibrous tumors by laser

(The price mainly depends on the location and size of the tumor)

from 20.000 HUF

Hystological examination

8000 HUF/piece

Capillary treatment:

Removal of spiderveins by sclerotisation

(depending on the extent)

from 40.000 HUF

Laser treatment of spiderveins

from 30 000 HUF

Capillary treatment by laser on the face

from 30 000 HUF

Laser treatment of haemangioma

from 30 000 HUF

Aesthetic treatments:

27% VAT has to be paid after aesthetic treatments

Fractional needle type radiofrequency

face, neckline or hands

from 70.000 HUF

Fractional radiofrequency without needle

face, neckline or hands

from 35.000 HUF

Medical peeling with trichloroacetic acid

face, neckline or hands

from 30.000 HUF
  • Abrasive medical peeling with trichloroacetic acid from 60.000 HUF

Medical peeling with alfa hydroxy acids

face, neckline or hands

from 28.000 HUF

Deep peeling with fenol

(around the eyes or upper lip)

80.000 HUF

Fenol-trichloroacetic acid peeling

from 70.000 HUF

Derma roller treatment on the face

25.000 HUF

Derma roller treatment on the face

with active ingredients

from 30.000 HUF

Derma roller treatment


52.000 HUF

Derma roller treatment


70.000 HUF

Face rejuvenation with fractional CO2 laser

100.000 HUF

Neckline rejuvenation

80.000 HUF

Acne scar treatment with fractional CO2 laser

face, neckline or hands

100.000 HUF

Acne scar treatment with fractional CO2 laser


80.000 HUF

wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers

wrinkle treatment with semi permanent fillers

Botox treatments

from 35.000 HUF
  • forehead 40.000 HUF
  • glabella from 35.000 HUF
  • crows feet from 35.000 HUF
  • hyperhidrosis of armpits from 100.000 HUF

Plasmage eyelid tightening

  • upper lid 100.000 HUF
  • lower lid 100.000 HUF
  • lower and upper lid 150.000 HUF

Dracula treatment

  • face, neckline or hands 90.000 HUF
  • decollete 75.000 HUF
  • head 50.000 HUF
  • neck 60.000 HUF

Thread lifting with biodegradable threads

depending on the quality and quantity of the threads

40-300.000 HUF

Fat dissolving with biolypolisis

depending on the extend of the area used material

from 30.000 HUF

Body shaping with Cavital WRC

6th. treatment gratis

Hair removal with IPL

(6-8-10 occasion)

a 6.kezelés grátisz
  • armpits 16.000 HUF / occasion
  • legs 40.000 HUF / occasion
  • thighs 50.000 HUF / occasion
  • mustache 10.000 HUF / occasion
  • intimate areas 20.000 HUF / occasion
  • arms 30.000 HUF / occasion