Esztergom pricelist

We accept only cash.

Please call us to inform you about treatments and aesthetical intervetions! These are mainly available in the Budapest surgery.


20 minutes

15.000 HUF


Control (20 minutes with the same complaint within 3 months)

12.000 HUF

birthmark screening

20 minutes

18.000 HUF


(a series of treatments might be preceeded by a 15 minutes consultation, the fee of which is deducted from the first treatment.)

10.000 HUF

The visit time is 20 minutes (in case of treatments, there is no visit price)

The birthmark screening needs full visit, the additional problems need extra time


We charge a higher price on aesthetically highlighted areas.

Removal of fibroma

by electrocoagulator

from 20.000 HUF

Treatment of leg ulcers with bandages

18.000 HUF

Warts removal

from 20.000 HUF


8000 HUF/piece

Aesthetical treatments

27% VAT has to be paid after aesthetic treatments

Medical peeling with trichloroacetic acid

face, neckline or hands

from 30 000 HUF

Medical peeling with alfa hydroxy acids

face, neckline or hands

from 28.000 HUF

wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers

Botox treatments

from 35.000 HUF
  • forehead 40.000 HUF
  • glabella from 35.000 HUF
  • crows feet from 35.000 HUF
  • hyperhidrosis of armpits from 100.000 HUF

Thread lifting with biodegradable threads

depending on the quality and quantity of the threads

40-300.000 HUF