To have a flawless, smooth skin, try our aesthetical dermatological treatments!

Filling with hyaluronic acid is an injection method for the linear wrinkles and depressions of the face, under the eyes and for lip augmentation. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the body, it’s amount is constantly decreasing while aging so it’s worth replenishing. Thanks to the modern improved production technology, artificial hyaluronic acid contains less harmful components and allergens, so the treatment is safe. The artificial hyaluronic acid is quite similar to the naturel one, our enzimes can disolve it, so it has to be refilled after 6-9-12 months depending on the individual activity of the body. There is a wide range of soft hyaluronic acids, given in the superficial layers of the skin, and also dense, thicker ones for large depressions (Belotero, Teosyal, Neauvia, Restylane, Fusion). Semipermanent materials consist of Calcium-Hydroxyapatite, Polycapronolactone) they are slowly disolvable (Radiesse, Miracle H,L, Ellanse). Dental anaesthesia and topical lidocain cream anaesthesia are applicable as well.

lip filling

Acne, pigment treatment and rejuvenation are possible by oral or topical retinoids. Every treatment causes long lasting gradual improvement at least within half a year. The topical therapy is even longer. We determine the necessary therapy individually. Sun protection is essential but treatments are possible during the summer.

retinoid therapy

Wrinkles of the forehead, glabella and crow’s feet can be treated with this injection method. Cigarette wrinkles above the upper lip, raising of the mouth corners, eyebrows, tip of the nose and wrinkles of the neck can also be treated. We can see the beginning of the effect after 5-7 days, while the maximal effect is achieved within two weeks. It is necessary to repeat the treatment within 3-5 months. The BOTOX treatment is excellent for the perspiration of the armpits, palms and soles as well. Repetition is necessary once in half a year.

BOTOX treatment

We can use threads for lifting, strengthening and tightening the skin, which makes your wrinkles dissappear. The material of these threads is polydioxanone (PDO), polycapronolactone (PCL) and polylactic acid (PLA). These threads are the safest, biodegradable materials shaped especially for aesthetical interventions. There are mono, screw, plaited and cogged types. The visible result develops gradually within 3 months and lasts for about a year and a half. We can lift the eyebrows, jawline, mouth corners and the tip of the nose. The method produces an attractive result on the skin of the neckline, upper arms, abdomen, buttocks and thights, knies and elbows.

Bioszálas kezelés

CIT (collagen induced therapy)

The roller consists of several tiny needles, the punctures of which strengthen the skin. Previous topical lidocain cream anaesthesia is recommended. We have several useful materials penetrate through the fenestrated skin by an electroporator. These materials are utilised better by our body due to the deeper absorption, so their bioconsumption is more effective. It is worth repeating within 6-8 weeks. A very thin but discoloured layer remains on the skin after the treatment, which may be washed off only the following morning. There is no downtime due to recovery and the treatment is safe even in summer.


We can also strengthen the skin with several little shots. In addition to the laser spots, even a heat caused effect is useful, so this treatment has a stronger effect, than the former one. Aging face, laxing eyelids, crow’s feet, acne scars and hyperpigmented spots can be corrected with this method. Former topical lidocain anaesthesia is necessary. The recovery time is 1—4 days, and at least 1 month sun protection is necessary.

Fractional Co2 laser

This ultramodern device works with 49 needles. The length of the needles is changeable. The radiofrequential current can strengthen the dermis layer, but the superficial treatment of the epidermis is not so strong. Former topical lidocain anaesthesia is necessary. Skin tightening is the primary indication. 3 occasions monthly is worth doing. We can work with this device even in summer. Right after the treatment a light redness is visible, but there is no downtime.

Fractional radiofrequency

This treatment is especially for rejuvenation around the eyes: upper and lower eyelids, crow’s feet. After lidocain cream local anaesthesia, the device gives tiny plasmage current spots onto the skin . The downtime lasts for 4-6 days, and 2--3 months sun protection is essential afterwards.

plasmage treatment

Fruit acids (highly concentrated fruit acids): Easy Droxy Peel & Neutralizer Versicolor, Easy Phytic solution, Peel2Go

Tranexamic acids: TX Solution, Lumpeel Cosmo

Trichloro-acetic acids: Easy TCA, Lumpeel

Trichloro-acetic acid, and fenol: Easy Phen Very Light, Easy Phen Light

Fenol: Lip&Eyelid Solution

Many little pigmented spots are worth fading with these materials above. Every treatment causes redness of the skin for the next day. They cause strong exfoliation after 3-to 8 days. During this period working may prove difficult in some professions. Sun protection is important , so we don’t treat during the summer period with medical peeling. The recurrence of pigmented spots are very frequent, so we treat several times. Between the occasions the use of bleeching creams and sun protection is compulsory to maintain the result.

Pigment fading

According to the individual skin requirement useful materials, mainly Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, B, organic silicon, skin tightening minerals and amino acids can be transported by every single needle puncture into the dermis. Former lidocain cream anaesthesia is necessary. Skin atrophy of the face, wrinkles around the eyes, the neck and the decollete can be treated with this method. Repetition is useful monthly. After 3 months one maintening treatment is recommended, one occasion in half a year is worth the long term result.

Mesotherapy with needles

With a christal-vacuum device: polishing of the surface is possible, after which materials can penetrate with a stronger intensity by an electroporator. We use this method on weak and thin skin types for skin tightening, pigment fading and for acne scars. The treatment is possible even in summer, there is no downtime, 1 week sun protection is necessary.


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