Regulation on the premises

These regulations are obligatory for anyone on the premises of the surgeries, and can be found in the waiting room of our Budapest surgery and on our website.

  1. By making an appointment you automatically accept the regulations as well as the rules of GDPR.

  2. During one appointment only the examination of one patient is possible. In case of several patients new appointments have to be made for each individual. Appointments cannot be made via e-mail.

  3. It is strictly prohibited to enter the surgery with a pram, a bicycle, roller skates or skate boards (with the exception of a wheelchair for the disabled). Bicycles and roller skates should be left on the street.

  4. Only one person accompaniing the patient may be present in the surgery. The presence of the medical assistant is essential.

  5. Please refrain from the loud conversation, shouting, all disturbing activities (like slamming doors, or running about).

  6. Please take care of hygiene on site. Please don’t bring inside any food or icecream. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside as well as within five meters of the entrance. It is forbidden to stay inside in dirty, muddy shoes or garments. If it is raining outside, please use the plastic bags prepared by the entrance to cover your shoes. In case you find any problems relating to hygiene, please notify our assistants!

  7. Please do arrive on time for your appointment and take into consideration, that the treatment has to start at the appointed time. In case of delay, it may happen, that the treatment cannot be completed. Appointment may be cancelled minimum 24 hours previously. In case there is no cancellation, a new appointment can be given only after payment of the fees for the cancelled visit. Our bank account number is: 11705998-21266779-00000000. Please record your name by all means on the bank transfer.

  8. You may find our catalogue prices on our website. Proper offers will be given after an examination.

  9. Exact datas of invoices for Health Care Companies, or Insurance Companies are important, because the invoices can not be corrected.

  10. Medical results, diagnosis cannot be informed via e-mail nor a phonecall, only personally. Pictures are not competent to give the correct diagnosis, treatment recommendation can be misleading.

  11. Feel free to send your inquires to!

  12. For us health care is the most important mission. Entering the premises is banned while having infectious diseases in order to protect other patients and our team. In case of suspicious infection wearing a mask is mandatory or the treatment may be postponed. Please inform us about your medication before interventions, because giving injection, performing operation can be dangerous while taking some medicine.

  13. Possible damages of furniture in our surgeries have to be paid by the affected person or the parents (in case of children).

  14. Breaking the regulations mentioned above, our assistant will ask the patient to behave in an appropriate manner, otherwise the intervention is aborted and the patient is asked to leave the surgery.

  15. The above Regulations can be modified only by the owner of the surgery.